Should Your Roof Be Replaced or Restored?

Should I Restore or Replace My Roof

You’ve just had a big storm in your neighborhood. Should your roof be replaced or restored after the damage? Looking out your front window, you can see your shingles strewn about on the lawn. Some of your neighbor’s shingles are in your yard as well.

Your roof keeps you protected from the elements during all seasons. It’s an integral part of your home. Suppose repairs of some kind are in order. In that case, it’s best to take care of the issues promptly to avoid damage later. If you’re lucky enough to avoid wind or hail damage in a big storm, it’s a good idea to call Roof Restore and have them treat the roof to protect it from future damage.

Multiple considerations will factor into this decision. Often, it’s best to call a professional unless you have a background in roofing. A roof replacement or restoration is typically a bigger ticket item than throwing a quick coat of paint on your kitchen walls.

Call Roof Restore, and we’ll send a certified professional to assess the damage and give you an estimate to treat or replace your roof and improve its longevity.

Replacing or Restoring Factors to Consider for a Roof

The most significant consideration is the age of the roof. If you have a basic composition, asphalt roof, the life span is about 20 years. If you want to extend the life of your roof, call Roof Restore, and let us show you our environmentally friendly process for protecting your roof.

Suppose there is only one layer on your existing roof, and you haven’t seen signs of damage in the interior of your home. In that case, you may be able to treat the damaged areas with our unique process from Roof Restore.

If interior damage has reared its ugly head, replacing the entire roofing system may save you money in the long run. Paying for multiple repairs when replacement is imminent will drain your pocketbook. Ask Roof Restore for advice if this happens!

What to Look for on a Visual Assessment of My Roof

A visual assessment can tell you several things. Do you see areas where the coloring is different, or there is sagging? Are there small spots or large areas of damage? Do you have granules in the gutters?

Are the gutters pulling away from the roof? Is the paint where the wall meets the roof peeling? These indicate more extensive problems. Do you have interior leaks? If you have a small leak, a repair may do the job.

Your roof is the first responder of your home. If it’s not in top shape, your house will suffer the consequences. Let Roof Restore ensure that it keeps your home and family safe.

Other Considerations for Roof Replacement or Restored

If there is only damage to small areas, restoring those areas of your roof will save you money. A licensed professional can inspect your roof.

Roof damage aids in pest infestations, mildew, and mold.

Whether your roof is damaged from a disastrous storm or a tree falling through your roof, you’ll want to get your insurance company involved. A licensed professional roofing company can help facilitate this process. After the insurance company receives the roof inspection, they’ll tell you what your policy covers.

If you’re planning to move soon and you can get by with repairs or restoration instead of a brand new roof, that financial consideration deserves some thought. Our 5 Year Warranty is transferrable to the new owners.

What to Expect When Replacing or Restoring the Roof

Regardless of the extent of your roof damage, parts of the process remain the same.

A licensed, professional roofing company will provide you with a detailed contract. You’ll know when they’ll start and the expected finish date. The finish date and costs can change if they discover extensive damage under the roof.

Building permits are required and may include your HOA if you have one.

Should your roof be replaced or restored? Call Roof Restore, and we’ll send a professional to your home and give you a detailed overview and estimate. We’re licensed professionals that have your best interest at heart.